Live Lead Networks

Live Lead Networks are internet marketing experts, and will get your business in front of thousands of people every day. You only pay for the qualified referrals you receive and we do all the rest. You dont even need a website!


Here’s Exactly How it Works:


People who are searching for the exact service that you provide find one of our websites on Google or other networks. We intercept them at the very moment they are looking for your service, and bring them to one of our websites.







After arriving on our website, they will usually fill out a form, providing plenty of details about their exact needs. It is at this point that a referral is generated. They have a very definite need, and they expect you to contact them as quickly as possible.







Each and every referral is automatically delivered to you by email the moment it is generated. The referral themselves also receives an automated email message from your email address, thanking them for their enquiry and informing them that you will call them shortly.







Our Live Lead Portal allows you to see full details of each and every one of your referrals. You can also return any non-contactable leads through the portal, put your account on pause, and download a csv file of all your leads. Simple to use, and all the information you will ever need at your fingertips.






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