Attention Affiliate Marketers!

The Best Paying Lead Network In The World Has Finally Arrived

With Built-in Buyers for Your Leads For Over 100 Different Niches – Available FREE For A Limited Time Only

Dear Friend.

If you’d like access to a system that could double your affiliate payouts in a single year; one that’s already created over $412 million* worth of sales, then this could be the most important letter you will ever read.



The system I outline on this page is helping thousands of affiliates all around the world to grow their businesses faster, and I believe it can help you to. But I’m not suggesting that everyone or anyone is going to make a lot of money.

Everything depends on you; how you use this system and it’s built-in lead buyer marketplace. And your willingness to generate leads for these new buyers, instead of solely relying on the measly payouts from the usual affiliate networks.

With that said, let me jump right in and show you exactly….

What You're Getting

Firstly, this isn’t like any affiliate network you’ve ever tried before, because before now it never existed.

It provides you with a powerful new way of potentially doubling (or even tripling) your affiliate business, without getting overwhelmed or burnt out.

And you can start finding new buyers for your leads in all sorts of different niches in just a few minutes from now. Buyers who need your leads right now.

These are new buyers who you would never have access to any other way, and you decide how much they pay! No more being at the mercy of greedy affiliate networks and their pathetic payouts.

And you won’t need to waste time learning something new or complicated, because it’s simple to setup and easy to use.

It’s About MORE Than Just Getting Buyers for Your Leads

As an affiliate marketer you make money by running campaigns for affiliate networks in exchange for commission payouts. And the more successful your campaigns are, the faster your profits will grow.

But there’s a problem – unless you bring them a massive amount of traffic or conversions the affiliate networks don’t even care about you, and they can drop you in an instant.

When there’s no true client relationships, it can mean you’re not even growing a “real business” at all – one that you can later sell for a large sum. At least until now, that is….

With Now! ConnectMe you can find new direct sources of buyers for your leads in just a few clicks, buyers who become your clients, and that increase the true value of your business.

You’ll also be able to communicate with those buyers through the system, and agree a price per lead that’s fair. And the best part? You control everything, including how much you’re paid!

You can even start selling leads to external buyers too! No wonder people are calling this the “Google of Lead Generation”. Like I said, there’s more to this system than just getting new buyers for your leads!

Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting access to…

  • Serious New Buyers for Your Leads – who are motivated, need your help, and want your leads.

  • Instant Access to a Vast Lead Buyer Marketplace – that has already resulted in over $412 million worth of sales.

  • Totally Automated Leads Distribution Software – delivering leads to your buyers automatically and in realtime.

  • Powerful CRM System – your buyers can see their prospect’s details, set reminders, follow ups, and send them emails.

  • Instant Email Alerts – your buyers always know the moment they receive a new lead, and can see all their details.

  • Have Complete Control Over Lead Flow – go live or pause your campaigns whenever you or your buyers need.

  • Now! ConnectMe is 100% Free Forever – this powerful system has been evolving over the past 15 years, and contains every single feature needed to run a successful lead generation business, no matter the size. Unlike other leads distribution platforms you won’t have to pay out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in fees every single month – because you get it all for free, forever. We just receive a small percentage of each transaction – and it’s tiny!

    Now! ConnectMe allows any affiliate marketer to instantly transform their business into a full-fledged lead generation company with its own long-term buyers. Buyers who are dependent and reliant on your services.

You’re right…that’s a lot of ways to get highly motivated new buyers for your leads, keep them happy, and grow your business faster. And no one else can share this with you, because no one else has a system like this.

But it gets better because you’re also getting…

A Powerful CRM System With All The Feedback You Need

You also have access to detailed reports and feedback from your buyers, so you always have the exact information you need to make every campaign a raging success.

Your CRM system shows you the quality of your leads, and gives you everything you need to tweak and improve each one of your campaigns for maximum success.

This means you’ll know exactly what you need to build a strong trusting relationship with each of your buyers, so they are reliant on you and committed to working with you long-term.

Try and get that from an affiliate network! You simply can’t.

With Now! ConnectMe you get a private communications hub to connect with each buyer, negotiate and agree prices that are worthwhile, and get paid for every single lead you generate.

It takes just seconds to create a new campaign with the fields each buyer needs, and you get a snippet of code to paste into your landing pages.

Then, every lead you generate is automatically sold to your buyer and you get paid. It couldn’t be simpler!

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But that’s not all, because you also get to…

Set It The Way You Want!

With Now! ConnectMe you can generate leads for as many buyers as you want, and you get to set the price for each one.

Generate leads in the regions you want, and you and your buyer both get to agree what’s realistic and achievable. No more having to comply with impossible criteria, or flushing leads down the drain, just because they’re not exactly right.

No other company can get you as much exposure to direct buyers, with such flexibility as you can with this system.

Yes, that’s a bold statement to make, but it’s one that’s based on more than a decade of outstanding results.

Try it with just one new buyer, and you’ll be so convinced you’ll want to use it to generate leads for all of them!

But there’s more, because you’re also getting your own…

Lead Generation Business

Now! ConnectMe can immediately transform your affiliate business into a fully-fledged lead generation company, so there’s no longer any need to rely on the affiliate networks, and their measly payouts.

Now you have a way to generate leads for buyers you choose, negotiate with them, and set the prices you want. Complete control over your destiny and your financial future.

There is no other way to create a lead generation business so easily, and one that could make you millions.

Because you get everything in this system to be able to do just that – for FREE.

The software – the motivated buyers – the feedback – the lead distribution – the payments – and the massive growth potential.

But, the best part of this system is that it’s…

Designed for affiliates who want a steady stream of motivated buyers for their leads, without lifting a finger.

Your time is valuable, and it’s easy to waste it constantly looking for new offers on the affiliate networks. Its a struggle to find the best payouts, in niches that are already highly competitive.

So, wouldn’t it make more sense to start working with some direct buyers too, using Now! ConnectMe that’s already created over 550,000 prospects?

And has also been responsible for generating more than $412 million* in sales for companies, and has helped hundreds of businesses grow faster – many doubling, or even tripling their business in a single year?

Not only can you use this system to find and partner with trusted lead buyers, you can even use it to sell leads to your own external clients too!

Now! ConnectMe allows you to move from being an affiliate marketer to a full-blown lead generation business, and gives you all the features and technologies to do so, for FREE!

When you use Now! ConnectMe

Two Things Will Happen.

First, you will have a steady stream of motivated new buyers, who want and need your leads.

This is really important to you because instead of constantly comparing affiliate programs, trying to find ones with payouts that just might work, you can start using that time to get more direct buyers and start building a “real” business.

The next thing you’ll notice is this:

When you spend most of your time growing your buyer portfolio, you’ll be able to start increasing wealth for yourself and your family.

And you’ll do it without wasting years trying to find a system that actually works, that’s because Now! ConnectMe is the future of affiliate marketing and online lead generation.

For a Limited Time Only

You are on this page because you saw one of our ads, which means we are offering Now! ConnectMe to just a few more affiliates who specialize in the niches you work in.

However, that ad and this offer will disappear soon, because it’s strictly first-come-first-served.

Once it’s gone it’s gone, at least for a few months – possibly even a year.

So, to avoid disappointment or regret, and to get full access to the entire Now! ConnectMe system, click the button below and get started right away.


Fill out the form below to get FREE Access to Now! ConnectMe.There are no setup fees and no upfront commitments.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I very much look forward to helping you to double your business in the next 12 months!

Leads Factory – creators of the Now! ConnectMe leads system.

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m offering you access to Now! ConnectMe – a system that gets you new buyers for your leads – where you set the price they pay, and with criteria you know is realistic and achievable. And I’m offering it to you for FREE!

Now! ConnectMe is a system that’s been proved to work, because it’s already created more than $412 million* in sales.

Some people are even calling this the “Google of Lead Generation”, because you can use it to find new buyers in a flash. Instantly transform your affiliate business into a full-blown lead generation company – and you can even add external buyers too!

Now! ConnectMe is the future of affiliate marketing and online lead generation, but it’s only available to a few more affiliates who specialize in the niches you work in. And once we have them, it’s doors closed again at least for a few months, possibly even a year.

And when you start working directly with the buyers who are only available in this system, your earnings can be far higher than the measly payouts you have come to expect from the affiliate networks. And you can use this to build a business worth millions.

Click here and get started right now. You won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surely I can just keep working with the affiliate networks? Yes, of course, and we definitely don’t suggest you stop doing this! After all its the core of what you do. However, you already know how much time, energy, and testing it takes to maintain a winning campaign in exchange for commissions that aren’t always so great. So doesn’t it make sense to also start working with some direct buyers too, who pay you a far better rate, where you set the price, and with simpler criteria? Some may even become dependent on you, and can turn into long term clients. That’s a great way to grow a solid and valuable business!

Can I continue using my existing websites and landing pages? Absolutely! And all you need is a simple snippet of code to start sending leads from those landing pages into your Now! ConnectMe system too. You decide exactly who you want to sell them to, and at what price! And those can be buyers you find inside the system, as well as any external buyers you want to sell leads to.

The system gives you every feature, benefit and lead distribution method you need to setup and run a lead generation business of any size. Generate, filter, route, and sell as many leads as you want to as many clients as you want – there are no limits – ever.

What happens if a buyer tells me all my leads are junk? From time to time everyone gets a few bogus, or uncontactable leads. However, you can agree a replacement policy with each individual buyer. For example, you could agree a maximum percentage of refundable leads, or you may decide you don’t accept any refunds at all. Its up to you and your buyer to decide what’s fair, and its usually dependent on the price you set.  If you do decide to offer a refund policy, then when one of your buyers returns a bad lead, you have the opportunity to either accept the refund request or reject it. If you accept the refund request then your account will be debited, so your buyer doesn’t have to pay for it. Having a fair usage policy, means you can keep a close eye on your buyers’ refund rates, so none of them ever take advantage of your goodwill!

Is this going to take up a lot of time? Fortunately, the system is very intelligent and it only takes a few minutes each day, because most things happen completely automatically. You simply agree with each buyer the price they will pay you for each lead, paste a short snippet of code into your landing page, and that’s it! And if necessary, you can also renegotiate prices whenever you want.

Are there any other reasons why I should get the Now! ConnectMe leads system? This revolutionary system has been constantly evolving over the past 15 years to become the most powerful lead generation software in the world.  It gives you immediate access to all sorts of different lead buyers, that you would never have access to any other way. Its a simple way of dramatically increasing your income from every lead you generate, and making more profits for your business. And the system is 100% free to use, and can be used by any affiliate marketer or lead generation business, no matter what size.

Our company has been one of the biggest online insurance advertisers for more a decade. And we have been using this exact system to run our entire insurance lead business during that time. It has been responsible for generating premiums for insurance companies of more than $412 million*, simply because the system works.

Click Here to Get Started Today – or wait up to a year for the next opening

* How we estimated the $412 million in premiums figure given above: We have used this system to generate over 550,000 new prospects for insurance businesses since 2008. After deducting uncontactable/bogus referrals, and assuming a conservative close rate of 25%, and a very conservative average premium of $750, and also that each client stays an average of 5 years (industry average) then the $412 million figure above is calculated as follows:

  1. We have generated 550,000 referrals – 20% bogus referrals = 440,000 Contactable Prospects.
  2. Most insurance companies convert prospects into clients at a rate of more than 25%, so 440,000 x 25% = 110,000  paying clients.
  3. Assuming an average premium of $750 (many are far above this figure).
  4. And assuming each client stays for an average of 5 years (this is the industry average).

Then the premium figure is $412,500,000 ($412 million).